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We find many people want to learn more about finance and money to help them take control, but don't know where to start. That is where Fortem Financial Education comes in. We help you get 'financially fit' and 'money ready' so you can make decisions with your money that last a lifetime and offer you financial freedom.

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We believe that Financial Education should be available to everyone - from children to adults and every age group in between.


Through our plain-speaking, informative seminars and financial education support programme we ensure that the financial lessons you learn with us last a lifetime, with advice you'll be able to pass on to the next generation.

Financial Education is for everyone...

Money management is ever-changing but some basics are never taught.


We work with multinational companies, small businesses, schools, colleges, universities and various professional sports clubs to ensure that their staff and pupils are well educated in money management and personal finance, providing them with the right life skills when it comes to managing their own finances.


Would you like to learn the money lessons to last you a lifetime?  Speak to us today.

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