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5 Apps to Help you Manage Your Money

With the dawn of new technology, the fact that our mobile phones are more than a calling device, don't only use your phone to listen to music and get you to your next destination, use it to help you obtain your financial freedom. Here are some Apps we have tried and tested and know they can help you stop living month to month and get those savings on the up...

App 1 - Your Banking App (it doesn't matter which bank/building society you are with!)

The visibility of your money has never been more important, or easy, than it is right now. One thing you need to do is make sure you are using your #banking app, you are logged in and ready to see what your money it doing. You can have all your accounts on one app, move #money between them, pay your bills and look at what you have spent. One of the best on the market at the moment is the Metro Bank app but all of them will help you see your money as and when you need to. All of them are free to use so get downloading now!!!

App 2 - YNAB (You Need a Budget)

This is an app which will help you budget on a monthly basis and save more money. The way it works is that it only allows you to create a budget that is within your month to month income. If you stray outside of the budgets, it coaches you on what you need to amend and change to keep on track. It easily syncs to all of your accounts, has a good debt calculation tool to show you if you overpay, how quickly you can pay your debt off and comes with a 30 day free trial.

App 3 - YOLT

This is a full 'manage your money' app allowing you easy connectivity with your bank accounts, loan accounts and credit cards. Very much aimed at the UK market, you can even look for better energy deals to help you shave off those pounds on a regular basis. It has an easy to use interface which will help you monitor your bills and also set budgets depending on your aims. For those of you worried about security, the app is owned by ING, one of the largest banks in Europe which gives the app Bank level security.

App 4 - Wally

An all round finance app which even allows you to photograph and upload your receipts and through the location services feature even track where you have spent your money geographically. You can set budget and savings goals and make sure you keep your notifications on as it will let you know when your bills are due to come out and when you have reached the amount you wanted to save. The cherry on the top of the cake, it is free.

App 5 - Goodbudget

This is a budgeting app that divides your money into different pots allowing you to easily track where you spend your money and what on. A really good feature is that you can also sync it with your partner which will help when sharing household bills making it great for people in a relationship or even house and flat shares. You can also download reports and see the data easily using their 'envelope report' which breaks everything down into a pie chart.

Managing your money has never been easier and we run specific training on personal finance and how to effectively manage your money on a month to month basis. for more information, please contact us, Fortem Financial Education on 01256 345630 or info@fortemfinancialeducation.co.uk.

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